Your building professionals in the Baix Empordà
Empresa Lagraña Bravo



About us

At Construccions Lagraña Bravo, located in the Baix Empordà region, we are all professional builders and craftsmen with many years of experience between us in this branch. Over time we have created a solid team of professionals, able to perform a quality job to meet all your construction-related needs.

Our consolidated knowledge of the Empordà and its surrounding territories allows us to remain faithful to techniques and local styles, typical for this area, and therefore work in harmony with the immediate environment, which definitely is an added value to our work.

Moreover, we understand the importance of a satisfied customer. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.



Over time and in our daily work we have developed several beliefs and values, which have become part of our work ethic. Apart from the fact that it has given us excellent results, it has helped us to improve ourselves constantly.

Some of these are:

  • Quality. Our consolidated knowledge of the Empordà and its surrounding territories allows us to be faithful to techniques and local styles.
  • Commitment. When we start a project, we commit ourselves completely to it as if it is would be our own. We simply do not know any other way, and we certainly do not want to change that.
  • Customer relationship. One of our inherent values we cherish. Working closely together with the customer enables us to understand him better.
  • We listen. To understand customers and their needs, we listen closely.
  • Finding solutions. Like all companies, our ability to provide answers has its limits. Should this be the case, we seek a solution or a suitable alternative for you.
  • Overcoming obstacles. Overcoming obstacles motivates us since they make us grow.